OVO is the union of two points of view over the world of objects that outline the domestic landscape. Two authors and a palindrome as a name. Maurizio Orrico, trained as an artist, and Enrica Vulcano, designer, are together the authors of a rich production of objects united in their versatility by the productive serility of design and by the search for the singular typical of art.

This is how the MorOVO heads were born, a critical and contemporary revision of faces no longer linked to stories of women or men, whites or blacks, to stories of gender or ethnicity but rather to stories of inclusion, that inclusion that belongs to that Mediterranean Sea , continent among continents, to which these heads, like much of OVO’s production, refer with recognizable iconographic homages.

A progressively evolving production that we invite you to view in our gallery, thanks to some of the most sought-after specimens that the authors have agreed to leave us exclusively.

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