March 20th – April 14th 2024

Mon – Sat | from 3 pm to 7 pm

Opening March 19th at 6 pm

Two artists, two women who, each with their own path, come to use the self-portrait as a place of observation over the reality. The supports are often large, so as to allow the representation of the subjects in a real scale: on bare canvases, as often the figures that take shape on them are. Stripped, disjointed, the forms are a version of themselves, marked by a few brushstrokes and a lot of life. From the space of the painting, in a sort of realism, such as an alternative to the fetishistic imagery that the mainstream of social media and homologation offers us as a canon of beauty, the artists’ self-portraits, instead of trying to attract us to be looked at, they look at us, without mercy but also without judgement, as the most authentic art does.

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