2023 December 6th / December 24th – | closed since December 26th to January 6th | – 2024 January 7th/ February 3rd

Artworks, creations and collections by Marco Americo La Tagliata, Artemonium, Associazionemur, Valerio Bottin, Alessandro D’isanto, Keramoceramic, Elena Rossella Lana, Elena Lucia Mazzilli, Ghiti Nour, Ovodesign, Piattounico, Martina Salmeri, Giacomo Sandron, Stefano Santini, Stephanie Schenck, Giacomo Nathan Viva

Prints and multiples, ornaments, complements, accessories and decorations bring into our homes the beauty we need to feel good, no less than artworks and unique pieces but at affordable prices.

The Christmas gifts topic, in this time of global crisis of the capitalist model, give us an opportunity to put the visitor in a position to wonder about the usefulness of beauty and the cost of beauty, offering him a journey inside a sort of Christmas market of author’s objects.

Artworks and objects with even very low costs invite the public to reflect on the opportunity to conform to the proposals of large-scale distribution or choose an author’s gift instead of the product of questionable business models.

Inside the exhibition there is also the essential Christmas tree which is represented here by the artwork “L’Albero Ucciso (The murderd tree)” (Mazzeo, 2023): an arboreal sculpture made with the branches that summer storms torn away from the trees, in Milano, last summer. Also by Mazzeo is the “Basta balle (stop lies)” installation, completely made with hay bales which, once the exhibition is over, can be recovered and used for their original purpose. The title of the installation invites everyone to rethink the alibis and excuses with which we all still justify ourselves regarding behaviors and habits that, how the climate emergency tell us, must change now.

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