8 February – 8 March 2024 – Munimor design, via P. Marocco 3, 20127 Milan


Acrylic technique, oil, mixed technique, different supports: canvas, wood, paper, often using collage, sewing and mixed assembly techniques to finally touch on digital. Experimentation and variety in techniques – which well illustrates the curiosity with which Domitilla Verga is attracted by languages and their possibilities – and on the other hand works in a clear direction towards refining the themes and places where she builds her artistic action, where he specifies the subjects and themes. All this is what is immediately striking about the production exhibited in this exhibition.

Domitilla Verga collects and represents atmospheres of moments, contains and collects them, in the space of the work: a space that is abstract, two-dimensional, always (even when she composes three-dimensional works), yet very profound. What makes it so is the movement of the protagonists: this space is the scene for women who stall, between geometries and escapes, between inlays and brushstrokes. The actions are dives, jumps, acrobatics which portray, as the author says, “eternal moments”.

“Female figures from the 1930s, set in a fleeting moment fixed for eternity. A volatile moment that lasts an instant, a frame of a gesture intercepted when it is no longer what it was before and is not yet what it is after: the exact moment in which everything has yet to happen.
Suspended women who “dare” impetus and reason poised over the world. Tightrope walkers, swimmers, sprinters, cyclists, often photographed at the moment of maximum effort. “They exist”, they stall, suspended and light as you do.
But you feel that what supports them are concentration and rigor. There is no freedom without rigor. Rigor in thought, in gestures, in repeating the gesture and effort, in the continuous exercise of daring and desiring.
They have climbed thoughts like mountains, stretched their mind and body beyond borders and now, in that eternal moment, they know how to stay on the peak when theirs is already surpassed, and they push beyond vertigo knowing that one more moment and they will be different. Maybe Blue, no longer pink like little girls, but Blue armed with scales, with wings spread out to fly over themselves, light and capable of falling into the New. Free to Exist, not “R’exist”.
Volatile and earthly, ephemeral and concrete, always swinging on being and becoming. Dare to go beyond and you will be there, at the center of your elsewhere.”
(credits https://romeartweek.com)

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